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All top leaders have (or had) a coach.

Obama, Bezos, Nadal, you name it. All leaders had, at some point of their life, a coach or a mentor. Even now, they are surrounded by a team of advisors on various topics.

And yet managers today are promoted to a leadership position before they got proper guidance to excel in this new role. 

To develop a vision, inspire and move their team, be comfortable with their posture, manage their time and emotions better is something you can learn. 

Executive Coaching

COACHING adapted 
to each profile.

COACHING adapted to each profile.

COACHING adapted 
to each profile.

There is a 1000 ways to be a leader in a company today. 

And each person is unique.
That is why Butzi adapts his coaching methodology to each individual’s goals, what they really want and need and what it means for them.

In the end, Butzi’s motivation to coach leaders is to help them to tap into their true potential and feel aligned as leaders. 

Leadership Coaching is about having a holistic approach, not just about career.

This is what Butzi can help your employees with : 

What does it mean to be a leader? For oneself, others and in everyday
life? What leadership do they need?
More than tricks on how to optimize your time, it is about what a leader is supposed to do with it and how to get out of operational tasks.
Emotional intelligence
A great leader knows how to manage his / her emotions and his team's interactions. This leads to a great synergy.
Being a leader is being solution-driven. It is about finding creative ways to move a team, to solve problems and gain in agility. You lead by example.

This is what they say about my coaching

Allison Van deherde

"Listening, sharing and heightening... what could be a better way to increase the efficiency of a team!

Allison Van de Audenhove
Quality and Safety Director at IMPAC

Hassan El miligui

" This guy is simply the BEST! Period. Creative, fun, and extremely professional."

Hassan Elmiligui
Head of Legal Operations - Capgemini

Marie Spahn

"A big thank you for your dynamism and your involvement, we all had the feeling of rediscovering our childhood creativity"

M&A and project financing lawyer at

Any questions about executive coaching?

Any questions about executive coaching?

Here are anwsers

Leadership coaching is a personalized development program that helps executives and high-potential individuals improve their leadership skills and achieve their professional goals.
It is the best way for company’s executives, managers and members of the c-suite to get rid of mental blocks and become leaders. 

Leadership coaching can help your team members develop the skills and confidence they need to lead effectively, which can in turn improve your team’s performance and bottom line. Coaching can also help your team members identify and overcome any personal or professional obstacles that may be holding them back

Coaching is different than a training in the sense that it is personalized and it is not supposed to be a ready-to-go content that he teaches. Butzi takes time to understand the person, the context, the real mental blocks and the dynamics in the company. 

Some of the benefits of leadership coaching include improved communication and collaboration, better decision-making, problem-solving, increased productivity and efficiency, enhanced leadership presence, and greater self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

It really depends on the goals / vision you have for you or your team, what kind of company you are in, how many participants we are talking about. 
I prefer to talk about it with you to understand the project better and see if a training or some consulting might be required instead of / with the coaching. 

What I can say is that usually coaching packages vary from 3 months to a few years.

The cost varies with the number of people to coach, the frequency of sessions, the duration, the mission. 
Please contact Butzi here to get a quote. 

Butzi is not only a coach. He trains managers and executives on various topics (creativity, time management, how to inspire their team) and is also a consultant. He comes from a different background: the artistic world, and all those elements gave him a unique perspective and understanding of human and corporate challenges.
Using this experience, Butzi specialized on time management, creativity and emotional intelligence … and the limitations we have when we don’t have the right mindset. 

The first step is to contact Butzi here to discuss the details. You will be able to explain your project in-depth so Butzi can really understand the stakes and goals and suggest