Eric Alard, sports, Keynote Speaker
How I Met Eric Alard

If you are a fan of bobsleigh, you certainly have heard of Eric Alard before : the 53 years old athl...

June 17, 2021
Eric Alard, sports, Keynote Speaker
Ma rencontre avec Eric Alard

Eric Alard et le sport : Si vous êtes amateur de sport et de bobsleigh, vous devez sûrement conna...

June 17, 2021
Innovation : Don’t Mistake Incremental and Disruptive!

Which company wouldn’t want to be innovative Not many Yet I have had numerous misunderstandings wh...

June 1, 2021
Here’s A Group Brainstorm Method.

Here is a method you can apply and customize as much as you want when you need to brainstorm in grou...

April 14, 2021
How Meditating 5 minutes Boosts Your Creativity

The power of meditating, a boost for your creativity We have all heard the advice “Think outside d...

March 23, 2021
Faire des différences de caractère une force dans la phase d’idéation.

Que vous ayez soyez en phase d’idéation, dans le besoin de trouver de nouvelles idées et sol...

February 9, 2021
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