As you surely know, during a conference, the main goal is to inspire the audience to take action, to do the first steps. And the title of this course says it all: it is a complete creativity course. I have put everything in this class for you. Everything I know, I have learned, I have have experienced, observed and taught over the last 6 years. From magic to interviewing masters magicians. From acting and teaching to creating illusions.

You will find 17 lessons with practical tools, stories, examples and interviews with painters, photographer, clown and improv teachers, composers and entrepreneurs.

Each lesson is between 12 and 20 minutes (like the TED conference) to respect your attention span. The longer ones have interviews and practical tools at the end.

Those tools you will find in each lessons will help you save LOTS of time and money on failed experiences, so you can generate ideas worth millions…or worth your happiness to express yourself. 

If I can do it, you can do it too.


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"Magician, Speaker,  and Creative catalyst,  Butzi's greatest skill is to awaken the creative genius in you. With his masterful help in this course, in no time you will unleash and express fabulous creativity you didn't know was in you."    

Sonia Choquette,  New York Times best selling author of The Answer is Simple

"I really like it! I am going through some big life changes right now, and I really appreciate that creativity will get me through it."  

Leah H,  Course student

"I am loving the course! Listening/watching videos and going back again to listen again. They are great! Love the personal touch you give in everything you do; you make creativity and imagination accessible to all."  

Tamara H.,  Course student

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