7 magician’s secrets to higher creativity.

Did you know studies showed the only difference between creative people and uncreative people is the only fact that they believed they were creative?

That is what this book will do for you: re-empower you to believe in you inner “genie” to create seemingly impossible solutions and make your craziest ideas come true…like magicians do. And when you find your creative powers back, you see life with the lens of possibility and opportunities, the first step to your success.

Because creativity is for everyone, whether you work in a big company or start you own, whether you are an engineer or an artist… this short and practical toolkit was designed for you to re-connect with your natural creativity through a simple and fun step by step process.

You can read it easily back to back to get in depth understanding on the creative process but it was also conceived so you can open it anywhere and have a shot of inspiration at any time along with a tool, when working on a project or to help you find original ideas to start one.   This book is the result of years of experience as a magician, illusions creator, actor, clown and video maker and gathers techniques world’s top magicians and entrepreneurs use every day to produce miracles.

Creativity for Magicians
The ultimate guide to grow your own ideas.

Attention: this book is for magicians only!

“I wrote this book because I saw that we had a problem a in our community: magicians just reproduce tricks they see and add nothing to it. I used to do that as well. And the reason I did it was because I didn’t know how to personalize or create my own illusions. Even artists need tools and tricks to create…and that is what this book is made for”. –Butzi-

This book is a collection of 10 original routines he created or personalized with objects such as a Tie , Nuts, M&m’s, SD cards, Stuffed animals, a Stethoscope, orange juice and much more.

Along with the explanation comes a creativity tip that he actually used to create his illusion. This manual is a guarantee for inspiration and a complete toolbook to go from copying illusions to selling your creation to your clients.”

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