My real name is Johannes but everyone calls me “Butzi”.   In my mother’s german dialect, it means “little kid”, “toddler” and it is traditionally like that that we call the youngest of the family (which was the case for me for a long time). I decided to keep this nickname as an adult and as a magician and speaker because it fits to my life philosophy.

MY LIFE PHILOSOPHY:    Being a keynote speaker is the logical completion of my life adventures and my artist experiences. What I have learned from acting, magic, clowning and creative thinking are pretty much the same lessons: everything is possible, it is just a matter of “freeing ourselves from ourselves” like Michelangelo said because the real magic is in ourselves and always was. It is all a matter of unlocking our natural potential, whether it is about creativity, optimism, curiosity, audacity -or any of the millions of qualities we had as kids, and letting it mix with our knowledge and experiences.


I truly think I was born to help people. Help them escape their daily troubles, help them unleash their true potential or just help them have fun. Before I became a professional magician, I was the family clown, then the funny friend you have in high school and when I discovered magic, I instantly fell in love. For a year, I stayed in my room 10 hours a day, playing with cards, ropes and coin and a year later I was in Ecuador performing in a beach town for my first paid job as an artist. From this moment on, I travelled 9 months through Latin America living from my magic, performing in hotels, bars and restaurant. 

When I came back to Paris, I decided that this was what I wanted to do and upgraded my shows to perform for companies, private events and create customized illusions for top clients. This allowed me to perform at the prestigious Magic Castle in Hollywood and become a contributor at the most prestigious school in the world (says BBC TV…): the Mcbride Magic and Mystery School.


The first time I tried to create my own magical effects and illusions, it was a total failure. Nothing came up. Then I started having ideas…but was always stuck and couldn’t succeed to have my ideas to work in the real world. They stayed in my head and I was completely frustrated. So I looked at how others did: magicians, actors, clowns, and entrepreneurs. 

For 4 years, I studied them took classes and trained hard. One thing leading to another. I accumulated knowledge and confidence and I was creating shows for big companies such as Colgate, Rogé Cavaillès or Rottapharm and writing for 2 magic magazines (Secrets and Vanish magazines), sharing my ideas. Two years later I thought I should gather my essays and published magical effects and share them with my fellow magicians. That is how my book “Creativity for Magicians” came up, a guide for magicians to create their own illusions.


In the process of studying acting, physical acting and theatre, I became a professional actor and played in several role for small TV series. But what excited me the most was to create. So we built the label “De B à Z production” (translated “from B to Z production”) with my friend photographer and videographer Sami Zran. 

We produced showreels and video clips and then decided to write our own movie. It was a crazy adventure during which we learned so much on the creative process. We financed it through crowdfunding and we were doing everything. I wrote it, played the main character, directed it, edited it myself and everyone was helping for free. You can watch it for free here.


After all these experiences, I decided to dedicate my time to teaching, my first passion and my destiny. Being in front of others to share. My father, mother, sister, aunt and cousins being teachers and having taught Judo and Sambo in the past, it was natural for me to pick the pedagogy and to understand what makes a good teacher. So I gathered all my knowledge and experience from the artistic world and built classes, conferences, and workshops to transmit everything I knew. 

I taught magic at the post drama school, professional center for actor: “The actor center”, I taught clowning (the Seidenstein method) in London and Costa Rica and of course creativity workshops in companies and public events.

“Butzi changed my life.”

Nabeel Arshad,  «One with Magic»,  professional magician

"Butzi has been for me a source as inspiring than revealing in the development of my artistic and entrepreneurial path. He is the spark that ignites your dream."    

Guillaume Beauregard,  «Addict»,  dancer, actor

"The Seidenstein workshop that Butzi taught was amazing - he fostered a collaborative supportive and creatively adventurous atmosphere where we, as participants were encouraged to try, fail, fail gloriously and learn to use that as clowns and actors." 

Robert Lightfoot,  professional actor, teacher

"Butzi is a superb teacher, both in terms of giving clear, precise instructions and explaining the concepts behind the exercises, designed to release creativity. He has a great sense of humour, is engaging and has a direct approach that enabled me to step out of my comfort zone, without looking back."    

Lucy “LucyLovesCircus”,  blogger, circus lover

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