«My core mission is to bring value to your business by giving you the tools to innovate and set your company apart.»   Butzi


Butzi’s main activity has been for years to dazzle, and to make his audiences laugh and dream. From London’s west end to Las Vegas where he trained in the « most prestigious school in the world » (said BBC TV), he travelled around the world to perform his own magical creations. Latin America, California, Vegas, London…and Paris, his hometown city where he settles and focuses on teaching creativity and speaking.

He recently performed as a special guest at the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, Los Angeles. A prestigious castle and private club where only top magicians have the privilege to perform.


International Keynote Speaker and TEDx speaker, Butzi uses his magicians’ skills and experience to empower his audiences to be more creative and bold. For years, he has worked with companies presenting his conferences and workshops, to help each participant unleash his most innovative and entrepreneurial self.

To achieve that, he reveals the world’s top magicians’ secrets and techniques, and brings the participants in his magical world to have a stronger impact on them. The aim is to inspire his audiences to show them that everything is possible if you have the right mindset and tools.


After creating original magic shows in the corporate world for years and writing articles for his fellow magicians in the American magazine «Vanish» and the British magazine «Secrets», Butzi wrote his own book called: “Creativity for Magicians”. A complete guide gathering 12 illusions and tools he has created detailing his creative process so the readers can learn the tools to be creative.

Butzi also shares his expertise on creativity and other subjects through the Las Vegas based McBride magic and mystery school’s web TV show, broadcast to hundreds of students around the world.

«Magic is not only a great storytelling art, it also opens your attention and creates a deeper focus for you to assimilate what is said next.»   Butzi


How to create the impossible and become remarkable.

Steve Jobs said: "Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower." And to be innovative, you need to be creative (or at least be surrounded by creative people). And in today’s competitive business landscape, your company has to not only be innovative, but also have to solve constant problems. This can seem impossible in a world where most people don’t think of themselves as creative.

But who creates the impossible? Yep, magicians. We have to invent subtle techniques, strategies and presentations to create seemingly impossible phenomena, amuse and dazzle our audiences at the same time, while setting ourselves apart from our colleagues.

So I built this conference to empower employees, managers, intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs to reconnect with their natural creativity and to show them how to create new ideas every day.
The magician’s creative skills at the service of your out-of-the-box success.

Butzi at the Pôle CréaHD in Bordeaux
What people say about the conference



- From 30 mn to 1h15
- Q&A session possible
- Interactive & Industry Relevant

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What they say about Butzi

"As usual, Butzi continues to surprise us with modern tricks and illusions full of ingenuity. His creativity is clearly put forward in his work. A new breath of air, amazing!"

Christophe Chhay
Office & H.R. Assistant France chez MORPHO Detection International, Llc.

"In the context of high-potential executive’s development, Butzi explained in a very practical workshop how to adapt his creativity tools to the corporate world. Everyone kept amazing memories of the contact they had with him, but also of the tools that they could use right away with their clients and coworkers.
They loved the atmosphere of this original day that truly enriched them.

Virginie Laclef
Responsible for HR development at COVED

"We had the pleasure of booking Butzi many times to give his keynote on innovation and creativity. What he says is well thought out, the animation is dynamic and has a lot of rhythm, and the atmosphere is always benevolent. Those inspiring boosts were always appreciated by our participants."

Yves Taupin
Responsible for Internal Communication at ARKEMA

"Butzi's talk was amazing! He inspired us, made us laugh, wonder and left us with precise and efficient tools to develop our creativity. He is a great speaker, I recommend it at 200%."

Diana Chao
Project Manager, Galleries Lafayette

"I love people who remind us that we are still kids deep down and that we have solutions in our inner child."

"I thought it was great to mix magic and innovation as it allows us to get interested in the subject of innovation in a more playful way."

Spectators at the 2016 edition of "Pôle CreaHD", Bordeaux

"I invited Butzi to give a conference for a convention I organized on the theme "Creativity". The audience and I loved the content and the form of his conference. A great moment that helped us achieve our goals."

Olivier Oullié  
Responsable BNI, Fairbiz

"Butzi’s mind-bending magic totally awed all our students at Mindvalley."

Vishen Lakhiani
CEO of Mindvalley

"Through his tricks and explanations, Butzi proves that creativity is a potential that everyone has and can be developed if we really want to and have the right tools. Bilingual, he captivated the French and Nordics present to demonstrate his «Crazytivity»."

Jean-Marc Aubouin
Commercial Director

"Butzi magically delighted the evening of 10 years of the Vendée MDEDE! Mindful to our project, he initiated us to "impossible…unless", a real magic formula for all our future projects."

Laëtitia Paul 
GIP MDEDE Director

"Butzi is a highly talented magician and an exceptional Speaker."

Audrey Mermillon  
President at TEDx LaDéfense & Consultant

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