Discover Butzi’s Crazytivity© Workshop

As you surely know, during a conference, the main goal is to inspire the audience to take action, to do the first steps. And in my conference on creativity, I don’t have the time nor the ambition to give a complete training and numerous tools.

This is why I created the Crazytivity Workshop. The aim is to apply and work with concrete tools that will allow the participants to break the barriers we all have when we need to find new ideas. The program is therefore conceived so that each employee, manager or leader can learn to generate his own ideas or to solve any problems even –and especially, when he is not inspired.

It doesn’t matter if the participants are already creative or not at all because the aim of the workshop is to give unconventional tools that artists and especially magicians use every day.

What is really “Crazy” in this workshop?

The core of the Crazytivity concept is to get inspired from magicians and the creative process they use to pull off impossible magical effects. Because those effects are said to be “impossible”, magicians have to find other solutions that get out of the ordinary and try crazy, stupid, unrealistic and impossible solutions to solve the problems at hand. And that will lead them to good, bold and original solutions.

And that is what we learn in this workshop: exercises, in solo or in teams to unlock this natural Crazytivity and to surprise yourself and others.

This workshop is perfect for:

- Your seminars, conventions and team-buildings in smaller groups.
- Allowing a group to master problem-solving tools.
- Teach the participants to think outside the box and to find new ideas at all levels (communication,  services and products, in the processes etc.). 
- Create a creative dynamic at the heart of your company with powerful and fun tools.

"Butzi intervened at a creativity workshop, filmed live at Open classrooms. He showed amazing human qualities that lead the group to participate with rhythm and enthusiasm and unlock the participant's ideas! A wonderful experience." 

"In the context of high-potential executive’s development, Butzi explained in a very practical workshop how to adapt his creativity tools to the corporate world. Everyone kept amazing memories of the contact they had with him, but also of the tools that they could use right away with their clients and coworkers. They loved the atmosphere of this original day that truly enriched them." 

Virginie Laclef,  responsible for HR development at COVED

"The Seidenstein workshop that Butzi taught was amazing - he fostered a collaborative supportive and creatively adventurous atmosphere where we, as participants were encouraged to try, fail, fail gloriously and learn to use that as clowns and actors." 

Robert Lightfoot,  professional actor, teacher

"Butzi is a superb teacher, both in terms of giving clear, precise instructions and explaining the concepts behind the exercises, designed to release creativity. He has a great sense of humour, is engaging and has a direct approach that enabled me to step out of my comfort zone, without looking back."    

Lucy “LucyLovesCircus”,  blogger, circus lover

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